Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Eyelash Extension Application by Eve Pearl International Beauty Show

I attended the International Beauty Show in NYC at the Jacob Javits Center. On Sunday, March 7th Eve Pearl was teaching a class "The Flawless Bride". Eve Pearl is a 5 time Oscar Winner with her own makeup line called Eve Pearl. She was also makeup artist for "The View" for 5 consecutive years as well. I was able to get a video of her applying EyeLash Extensions. She had some great tips!

Since, EyeLash Extensions and Brow Shaping are my specialties. I thought this video was extremely fitting for my blog and wanted to share these tips along with my fans and followers. Unfortunately I was having difficulties uploading the video to my blogger, please refer to my facebook I will be uploading it on there.

When applying synthetic eyelash extensions, start from the inside corner of the eye to the outside, Eve Pearl likes to use black eyelash glue, I prefer white that dries clear. Since you normally go over the eye with liner anyway you can can choose how thick you would like to line in rather than the eyelashes determining it. I personally think it looks a little cleaner as well. Always make sure the eye is half open while looking down so you don't glue the eyes together along with consistently wiping up any "fall-out" glue that may come down.
Once eyelashes are set, place a finger behind the eyelashes and with a clean mascara wand, apply mascara in a zig zag motion so you connect the natural lashes with the synthetic lashes. Let dry and you have beautiful naturally dramatic looking eyelashes for any event!

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