Thursday, March 11, 2010

Airbrush Makeup VS. Foundation Makeup

This is the most common question when clients are deciding "Which one should I use?". I do understand that airbrush makeup is the newest form of makeup application out, I am here to help you decide which type of application is right for you.

Airbrush Artistry when applied forms a thinner, lighter layer of foundation. In order to create a sweat resistant application it is recommended to mix in an alcohol based top coat. There is a little controversy as to whether it lasts longer than a liquid foundation application. Theater and Commercial typically do not use Airbrush technique as the pigment is not saturated nor as flawless enough to withstand lighting and the camera lens. Until, The TEMPTUPRO Airbrush Makeup hit the stands!

My personal take is Temptu Airbrush Artistry is fun to work and gives a flawless complexion and holds up even under extreme weather conditions. Normally you have to use a foundation brush to blend the airbrush foundation as well as apply concealers and correctors since the foundation application is not strong enough to cover age spots, blemishes, fine lines, redness or any other imperfections. Many makeup artist charge extra for air brush makeup applications, I do not and am happy to apply traditional foundation or Airbrush techniques at the same price.
Although I will say there is something about using a brush that makes an application process  artistic and special..contouring the face, illuminating and highlighting, saturating with rich and soft pigments, is my passion and I tend to use a mixture of both brush and airbrush.

For my makeup savvy ladies, Dior makes an airbrush can "Dior Airbrush" that is fun to work with I still had to blend it with a brush but it has a nice hint of illumination in the foundation.
Please let me know if you have any other questions and/or comments!

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  1. I am 45 and have been told i do not look my age all the time....I am mistaken for 35. I am noticing the fine lines around my eyes are getting more though and i just started using a microdermabrasion at home machine and now want to know if i am a candidate for the airbrushing makeup...or will this bring my wrinkles/fine lines out more? thanks!