Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Fairy Tale Wedding

The rumors and buzz are true, Sara Faella Artist Designer Stylist has tied the knot!
But with who?
Her long lost British love, Mr. Sam Rockett. If you had ever asked Sara Faella if she would marry or fall in love to "the one" she would have quickly and satisfactorily stated "no". Completely satisfied and encompassed in her passion of work, she never would have thought she would ever have been reunited with her international boyfriend of eight years ago....

What stories are made of, how the standard of love was created:

January 2003, I was an 18 year old student at Berkeley College in New York City working at a restaurant on 59th Street..Hooters Restaurant to be exact (not easy for me to admit) and in comes Sam Rockett, a 19 year old British resident and student from the United Kingdom that was on holiday with his friends for his birthday. He sits in my section and I was instantly mesmerized by his charm, style and of course that accent. He had hurt his ankle by attempting the moon walk earlier on ice in the city, so I couldn't help but tend to him at this oh so vulnerable situation, we end up chatting as I completely ignore all of my other tables at the restaurant and at the end of his meal I invite him and his friends out with some girlfriends from work. We all have a wonderful time together and at the close of the night I give Sam my phone number.

He never called. **gasp**

Days later, I figured he wasn't interested and had flown back home. I had gotten out of work early and was walking through freezing Times Square with my black velvet winter hat on and my hands puckering up my winter coat collar to block the cold wind.
Then, Sam walks by.
I didn't see him....but he responds to his friend "That was her", astonished his friend says "It was?" in disbelief they talk about it (which was probably for ages because we all know how men are) until his friend finally says "run after her" but by the time Sam finally decides come after me I was quite a far away, so he had to run.....far. By the time he reached me he yelled "SARA!" I turn around, kind of scared "Sam?" the poor thing couldn't even breathe!! I am sure with his sprained ankle wasn't helping him either! I literally stood there for a minute in the middle of Times Square while he caught his breath.
Finally, we get to talking and I ask, right away "Why didn't you call?", he states "I couldn't figure out how to dial on an American phone" (with his accent, I might add)....how could I even be angry at a response so adorable?
We spend the night together and that was it, we were an instant international couple. I flew to the United Kingdom that March, met all of his beautiful friends and family. Visited Stratford Upon Avon, Cardiff Wales (were Sam's flat was) among other beautiful sites that England and Wales had to offer.
Shortly after Sam and his family flew to the States where our families met and once again Sam and I had amazingly fun time together, laughing, joking, enjoying each others company, introducing him to all my friends...but not long after with the Atlantic Ocean in between us we split up, and I got back together with my old high school boyfriend and he begins to date a new girl.
Throughout the next two years Sam and I kept in touch through phone calls and emails..this was even before Facebook! Our phone bills were always horrendous! So, naturally when I split with my boyfriend I phoned Sam right away and said I have broken it off with my boyfriend and will be getting on the next flight to London. But, Sam said to not get on a plane because he had gotten back together with his old girlfriend. I was so angry with him, I didn't speak to him for a month!
After, I got over my temper tantrum Sam and I got right back on track to our friendship with each other always speaking about when we met in New York and our visits to each other, what's new in our lives, how our romantic relationships were going....really just keeping tabs on each other and making sure neither one of us got engaged.
Years go by, that brings us to January 2010, our 7 year anniversary from when we had met and Sam had called me and asked "Are you engaged?!" (with his British accent).
I say "Well, I don't know. I am making life decisions for Niko and I. I feel as though this is something I have to do." Obviously, my heart not in it, but at this point feeling that it was the right thing to do. Sam goes on to tell me "Holly (his girlfriend after me) and I broke up!"
**double gasp**
I honestly thought he was joking. How could this be? The moment I am become unavailable, He all of a sudden becomes available after more than 4 years? So I simply say "It's just not meant to be, we keep missing each other". We accept this answer and continue with our ever growing friendship.

Summer 2010~Sam receives a phone call from me "Sam, just fly out to America we are now both single I need you to be my model for my Men's Couture Tie line that I am launching for Fall/Winter 2010, you have the perfect European flare that compliments my ties perfectly", without a doubt he books a flight for the beginning of September.
Both of us being so busy throughout the summer with work, we hardly speak, but still in the back of our minds and excited.

Waiting in Logan Airport in Boston on September 13th, I had butterflies the whole time...I start wondering do I look okay? Have I aged since I was 18? Am I gross? What if Niko doesn't like him? Will he still smell the same? Should I hug him? Should I kiss him on the cheek? and of course What if I fall in love with him all over again? What if I never stopped loving him and everything that has happened in my life were just stepping stones to bring me and Niko to him?
Then.....right when I thought he would walk through the International Terminal, he did. I thought "Oh my goodness, he is so handsome." Then he spoke, with that accent! "Are you all right?" I couldn't stop smiling. He was perfect. Everything I had been waiting for in a man, everything I wanted and everything I adored. All along it was Sam Rockett, my long lost British boyfriend.
On Tuesday evening he proposes to me without a ring, only a promise that he was certain that I was the one for him, throughout the years I always was the one and everything about our love was meant to be and we were exactly where we were supposed to be....
Thursday we are married on a little cliff in Misquamicut Beach.
When it comes down to it, for me. My wedding was perfect. He placed a wedding band on my finger that was a vintage anniversary band that was my Grandmothers that was given to me by my Mother the evening before our wedding, and Sam's band was given to him by his Mother years ago for his graduation present...and they coincidentally matched perfectly. We had each other and Niko, two amazing photographers from Two True Photography and an amazing videographer, Mike Picard that we contacted the night before and the morning of our wedding that were so over joyed for us and without a second thought rearranged their schedules for us to help capture our very private ceremony...I remember stepping back for a moment during all the excitement of the day, being so grateful and watching everybody that could not wash away their excitement even if they tried! Seeing people so happy and supportive for us, for our love and our destiny just confirmed that Love is an intangible, undefinable blessing that was given to us and meant to be shared so if there was ever a doubt by anyone in the world that true love doesn't exist.....it does.
Even from many years of passings and thousands of miles in between us, love prevailed.