Thursday, April 22, 2010

Edie Sedgwick Provokes My Romantic Looks

The looks I create, my inspirations, my dreams are all encompassed by passionate living people, legendary icons and era's of beauty that continue to build the Fashion and Art industry pushing my talent's to levels that are transcendent and inimitable. As I continue to research every moment and studying the arts everyday, I have designed one of "MY LOOKS" has made my Clients coming back and asking for more.

My Romantic Look 

has been my claim to fame. 

Edie Sedgwick from the 1960's has inspired this look with her false eyelashes and pale pink lips. Along with many other area's of inspiration this is an icon that I have gravitated to although her life would be assumed to be a tragic one....Her Look lives on, Her Life Celebrated, Her Style...Like Mine as I pursue to create looks for my clients and inspire other Artist in the industry...are Unparalleled.

One Edie Sedgwick 

One Sara Faella

............meant to Inspire All.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

THE INTERN! Fina's First Blog!

HI! I’m Fina Sara Faella Artist Designer Stylist’s new Intern. I really enjoy being her intern, she’s full of life and we never have a dull moment. I always enjoy her company and her beautiful son Niko as well. She is very passionate about what she does and is always so cheery in addition to that she comes in with an enormous smile; she has such a big heart for a person with such a tiny body.

Since I have started interning I have quite a few tasks to complete such as, finding a venue to host a fashion show in the near future, networking with photographers in all of New England and New York. Along with all of that I have also concluded to plenty of research for the company. . . And I’m blogging!

I am very open to learning anything and everything about fashion, everything that Sara teaches me I absorb like a sponge. I am very interested in learning the designing perspective, business standpoints and what it takes to construct and maintain a distinguished brand/ establishment. I am hoping to gain plenty of knowledge from this experience, in company with a great friendship that will last a lifetime.

In the future I anticipate to be attending an astonishing college majoring in Business and Marketing and mionoring in Visual Communications along with designing a fabulous collection of my own. A prophecy to myself would be traveling to various regions of the world to explore along with gather loads of wisdom and then maybe I will have an intern of my own. . . Needless, I will maintain a never-ending relationship with Sara and of course Niko as well.

Thank you for viewing my first Blog Post, with many more to come!

Please contact me on my very own email

Press Release


Artist Designer Stylist


Sara Faella Artist Designer Stylist Launches Romantic & Vintage Couture Bridal Collection 2010

After launching her line January 2010, she received ravishing reviews and custom orders instantly from fans and many brides from the wedding industry. All her pieces are couture, not one duplicated and not one that resembles another. All of her custom couture work includes hand-made metal work, feathers, crystals and craftsmanship that only comes from someone that clearly has passion and understanding of fine arts united with high fashion.

Sara Faella, Designer her work originally out of New York has branched into the accessories segment of the fashion industry and now works out of Rhode Island yet catering globally. No market too small no region too far. She uses her life experiences, places travelled and time periods never visited only explored through intensive research. Mastering and creating special pieces that not only define what she is capable of but what she can share with the world.

Faella states “This collection, as my first collection is designed for the romantic heart in mind and with the Vintage 1920's as my inspiration, I have incorporated ostrich & peacock feathers along with German vintage & Swarovski Crystals .Very chic, very flapper. Every piece is terribly charming in the most whimsical way.”

Please contact, Sara Faella Artist Designer Stylist at 401-323-6133.


Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring Love Couture Collection 2010

Keeping the collections going!

After my 1920's inspired Romantic & Vintage Couture Bridal Collection 2010, I went right back to the drawing board and mannequins..I am proud to share a Sneak Peak of my

"Spring Love Couture Collection 2010"

Sara Faella

Artist Designer Stylist

...explore my riches.