Friday, January 20, 2012

MakeOver Winners #2

Makeover Giveaway Promotional VIdeo

Makeover Giveaway by Award Winning Makeup Artist Sara Faella

The Rules are in the video!! Visit my FanPage wait for me to post at 8pm "Makeover Giveaway post your name below to enter" I will draw a name at 9pm.
You can find out who the winner is on my YouTube Channel: 

Which I will post to facebook as well between 9:15 & 9:30pm!


Friday, January 13, 2012

First Makeover Winners!

What turned into a small need for me to get creative went into a huge contest via Facebook on our FanPage! I wanted to do a makeover and take some photo's in my Providence location salon, boy did we get a great turnover I just had to video it!
I wish everybody could have won! Yet, I have decided to make this a weekly drawing!! Every Friday evening you will have one hour from 8pm-9pm to enter your name for a Free Makeover on Saturday! Goodluck and see you next week!!

Twitter @sarafaella
Youtube SaraFaellaMakeup