Monday, June 27, 2011

Makeup Mondays-Episode 10 Eyeshadows for Hazel Eyes

Thank you for joining us this week for our Makeup Monday:Eyeshadows for Hazel Eyes, our 10th Episode! We do understand trying to find complimentary shadows for your eye color can be challenging and let's face it we always want our eyes "to pop"! This is my number one request on location from clients. If you have hazel eyes, you are in for a treat because so do I! Making this our talk of the day. 

Makeup used in this episode:
Eye Primer MAC Vintage Selection
Eyeshadow MAC Seedy Pearl
Eyeshadow MAC Shale (satin)
Eyeshadow MAC  Fig 1. (matte)
Eyeliner MAC Purple Dash (mechanical pencil) 

Brushes used in this episode:
Eve Pearl Concealer Brush 102
MAC Eye Shader Brush 239
MAC Medium Angle Brush 275 (closest to the one used in episode)

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Episode 9-Makeup Mondays~Rain Cosmetics

This week we feature our sponsor Rain Cosmetics, a Las Vegas makeup line with beautiful crystal turquoise packaging & also the official makeup for the Miss USA 2011 Pageant from just last night! 
The Makeup is HD compatible, with stunning hues from eyes to lips. Sara Faella tested these products 3 weeks prior to shooting and is a fan! She is fully stocked with these products and has begun using them on various shoots and for her brides. The best thing about these products, they all smell so good! Which we all know is so important, even the cream foundations smell like baby powder! Ohh La La!

Makeup Sara Faella used in Episode:
"Virtual Olive" Cream Foundation
"Sunset" Cream Foundation
"Translucent" Setting Powder
"Diva" Eyeshadow Quad
"Fantasy" Blush
"High RIse" Mascara
"Bottle Service" Lipstick
"Berry Manilow" High Gloss
Foundation Brush #7
Blusher Brush #5
Eyeshadow Blending Brush #12

If you would like to purchase please contact Sara Faella:

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Makeup Mondays-Episode 8-Summer Makeup Trends "All That Glitters"

All that Glitters Features Sara Faella Cosmetics as well as Temptu Pro Airbrushing we hope you enjoy!! Please let us know any other tutorials you would like us to film!!