Sunday, December 8, 2013

Product Review: Urban Decay Naked Palettes

Let's talk about getting Naked, the palettes that is! In just a few years Urban Decay has launched 4 palette's in the Naked Collection that are must to talk about Naked, Naked 2, Naked 3 (new) and Naked Basics (my favorite!)

12-shadow palette mostly in shimmer/sparkle I would only consider 2 of these shadows in matte. Limiting for makeup artists but some beautiful tones I would like to just have two or three of the colors in this palette for my line of work in the bridal industry like Sin, Toasted and Naked. Brush that comes with I gladly added to my professional brush kit.
$52.00 retail @

12-shadow palette with some intense sparkle/metallics! I would consider this in my collection of Holiday shadows. Very fun and again, beautiful pigments. Again, there is maybe one pigment I would consider a matte color, I do like "blackout" in this collection a true black for smokey eyes. My favorites from this palette are Blackout, YDK and Chopper. They did up the anty with this double brush, smart on their end with all these metallics reduces sparkles from moving all over your face or your clients instead adhere's to the brush.
$52.00 retail @

NAKED 3 (new!)
Rose Gold packaging!!! My favorite packaging so far! The packaging tells the story before you even open to reveal all the pretty roses with hints of gold. I like this palette because no matter what skin tone you are it works well from pale to deep tan. I would consider 4 of the 12 pigments in matte shade, much more versatile palette to work with as an artist and a key palette when working with brides and pageant girls! Same professional grade brush as Naked 2, I'll take it. It's awesome.
$52.00 retail @

6-shadow palette, obviously the smallest of their palette collections but a great add-on if you already own a NAKED palette and need more blending hues. Or you can use on it's own especially when working with brides and makeup lessons. No brush included but for half the price, it's understandable. Favorite colors is Naked 2 and Venus (great for highlighting without shimmer).
$27.00 retail @

I hope this helps any artists or consumers out there when making a decision on the four Naked Palettes. Thanks for reading and following!

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