Wednesday, May 19, 2010

FoxNews Segment on Sara Faella Artist Designer Stylist

Featured on FoxNews for my Couture Hair Accessories Line.
I feel so honored to have this opportunity to work with FoxNews
and share my work with it's viewers.
FoxNews has invited me once again to be featured on their show
for another segment "Bridal Beauty". Please stay tuned for the next
clip to be aired in June!
I hope you enjoy! You can order Couture Pieces online
If you would like your own custom couture bridal/hair piece
please contact me to further discuss your ideas and I would be
happy to sketch and craft your very own special hair accessory.
Sara Faella
Artist Designer Stylist
......Explore My Riches.


  1. You are a local celebrity!!! good job girl!! keep it up!!