Tuesday, January 25, 2011

1920's The Makeup

Vogue 1920

As you all may know the Speak Easy Roaring 1920's is my most inspiring era I create to. I am attracted to the Designers that arose, Coco Chanel for the little Black Dress, among other straightline dresses as well as Max Meyer, Lanvin and Patou.
During the 1920's MGM created Motion Pictures, black and white films without sound. With this, actors and actresses hand gestures, dress and expressions were their tunnel to expressing emotion.
What better way to create emotion than in the face.

The MakeUp~
Grey Smokey eyes (Turquiose and other shades of Green were also in high fashion for shadows) with thin rounded penciled in eyebrows.

Rouge (which is what we now call Blush) in many colors of Rose, Raspberry and by the mid 1920's even Orange became into fashion. Not to mention "Rouge" (blush) being placed underneath the cheekbone for contouring to give the illusion of high deep cheek bones.

Lips were colored into a puckering shape called "Cupid's Bow" these colors were most popular in Deep Red and Brownish Reds, Plum and again, Orange.

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  2. This is great--an inspiration!